Premseal BR

Premseal BR

Premseal BR

Premseal BR solvent-release bedding sealant is a high quality blend of rubber, fillers and polymers in gun-grade form.

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Typical Applications

Applications include:

  • Low joint movement sealing in roofing & cladding
  • Bedding of profiled fillers in roofing & cladding
  • Bedding aluminium window frames into timber subframes
  • Sealing joints & seams in low pressure ductwork
  • Sealing flashings
  • General sealing in caravans & boats

Product Features

  • Low joint movement sealing


 Premseal BR
Adhesion Good to wood, brick concrete, glass, metal and plastics
Movement+/- 10% in lap and cover joints.
Service temperature-20°C - +90°C
Application temperature +5°C - +30°C
UV resistance Good
Chemical resistance Good to diluted acids and alkalis
Expected life15 to 25 years, depending upon temperature and joint design
Shelf Life 6 months


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