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Premseal GP

Premseal GP is a superior oil-based, non-drying, gun-applied sealing compound
with excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces.

Premseal GP

Typical Applications

Applications include:

  • Pointing & weather seal around metal & timber doors
  • Sealing low movement joints in brick & concrete structures
  • Sealing around window frames & sills

Product Features

  • The bulk of the mastic remains soft & flexible beneath the skin
  • If excessive movement occurs, rupturing the skin, the mastic will reseal itself
  • Premseal GP must not be used in contact with bitumen or asphalt, or in
    constant immersion in water


 Premseal GP
Flash point>55°C
Application temperature5°C to 40°C
Service temperature range-40°C to 60°C
Movement accommodationUp to 10% total movement in butt joints and up to 20% total movement in shear joints.
Slump resistanceSuitable for joints up to 20mm x 20mm
Service lifeApproximately 10 years when used as recommended
Shelf life12 months in unopened containers when stored under cool, dry conditions.


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