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Premseal SGRP10

Premier SGRP10 is a high performance strip sealant laminated to a clear tear
resistant film for use as a dual-purpose air seal and moisture barrier tape.


Typical Applications

Applications include:

  • Creating moisture vapour seals along side lap joints of metal liner panels in the
    construction of buildings. Not recommended for use on end laps.

Product Features

  • Low moisture vapour transmission rate
  • Excellent movement accommodation
  • Self wound on the roll for ease of application
  • Conforms with the recommendations of the MCRMA Technical Paper No 14,
    Guidance for the Design of Metal Roofing & Cladding to comply with Approved
    Document L2:2001
  • Outstanding adhesion to coated steel and aluminium sheets without the need
    for primers
  • Can be applied to most building materials in cold conditions without reduction
    in long term performance provided surfaces are frost free
  • Unique high tack adhesive for instant grab


AdhesionExcellent to metals and plastics, even on cold surfaces
Compression to sealPositive pressure
Resistance to mouldGood
Outdoor service temperature-20ºC - +80ºC
Water repellenceExcellent
Durability25 years
Loop Tack35N/in2
Peel Adhesion 180°C30N/in
Specific Weight1.3g/cm3
UV resistanceVery Good
Chemical resistanceGood to dilute acids and alkalis.
Not recommended for extreme chemical exposure


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