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We Are Premseal

We are now in our 25th year and introduced the Premseal brand a while ago, whilst continuing to maintain our principle values;  ‘Service, Quality, Knowledge’.

We work flexibly and collaboratively and have committed ourselves to supplying quality materials, providing industry recognised experience and knowledge. Our approach has led to successful working relationships with the UK’s largest roofing manufacturers and contractors.

Premseal services include fast delivery on sealants and foam products


We pride ourselves on providing a timely and responsive personal service whilst meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.
Premseal produce high quality sealants and foam fillers


Our reputation for quality precedes us. We pride ourselves on maintaining our ISO 9001 accreditation year on year.
Premseal recognise the requirements for the modern construction industry


With over 100 years’ experience, Premseal leads the way in market and product knowledge.

Who We Work With

Kingspan insulation and construction
Platinum System Guarantee

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