FAQ | Butyl Strip Sealants

Q. What materials can I use butyl strip sealants for?

All of our butyl strip sealants can be used on the most common building materials; including glass, wood, concrete, steel, PVC, polycarbonate, and more!

For a more detailed list of common materials our butyl strip sealants can be used on, please see our Guide to Sealant Compatibility.

Q. Are they UV & chemical-resistant?

Most of our butyl strip sealants, including our Premseal DGR30, DWR10, DBR09, VAP09 and DWR10P U section have high UV and chemical resistance.

Q. Can I get it in a certain size?

Our Premseal DGR30, DWR10, DBR09, and VAP09 butyl strip sealants are produced in either rectangular form 1.5mm to 6mm thick, 6mm to 50mm wide or in bead form, 3mm to 10mm diameter. Other dimensions of these products are available subject to minimum batch quantities.

Additionally, our MLL10 / MLG10 butyl tape is slit to order.

Q. How do I apply a butyl strip sealant?

Applying our butyl strip sealants is easy, as many of them have liners designed to aid application – for example, our easy-release liners, or our polyester release liner on our DWR10P U section.

For more information on applying each of our butyl strip sealants, explore our product pages.


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